Adapted Music Lessons

Adapted Music Lessons

Many people express interest in learning to play a musical instrument, but struggle in traditional lessons where the teacher does not necessarily have the experience to support their learning needs. As a music therapist, I specialize in tailoring instruction to both challenge students and set them up for success. Lessons include a wide variety of activities, which are designed to teach musical concepts, encourage creativity, and nurture the student’s love of music. As necessary, adaptations are incorporated to support social, communication, behavioral, motor, and other needs.

Examples of these adaptations include, but are not limited to:

  • Focusing on the individual’s preferred songs and music genres rather than working through the standard lesson books
  • Using visual aids (ex. colours, props, schedules) and hands on, engaging activities (ex. games, movement)
  • Incorporating technology such as GarageBand, Yousician, and other apps
  • Exploring collaborative music making (ex. how to make music with peers)
  • Focusing on musical exploration, improvisation, songwriting, and/or music recording
  • Using adapted instruments
  • Incorporating sensory supports and movement breaks
  • Learning musical concepts on a variety of instruments (ex. guitar, drums, piano, xylophone)

​When considering whether to enroll your child in music therapy or adapted music lessons, consider what main goal areas you would like to address. In the most basic sense, adapted music lessons focus on musical goals (ex. learning to play the piano) while music therapy sessions focus on non-musical goals (ex. strengthening fine motor skills). Both programs have musical and non-musical benefits with the main difference being the targeted goal areas.

Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions or are interested in setting up Adapted Music Lessons programming.

Parent Testimonial

“Erin is a wonderful teacher – she not only taught my child piano, but also instilled the love of learning music in my son. This is because Erin is enthusiastic and engaging and makes learning fun. Erin understands my child and his learning style and incorporates different ways to teach him piano. He has truly learned a great deal!”